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Shazam Brella

Shazam Bolt$

If you have a debit card with Westside State Bank, add an extra layer of security with SHAZAM BRELLA. SHAZAM BRELLA is an add-on service, attached to your debit card to help protect you against fraud.

Like an early-warning system, SHAZAM BRELLA will immediately alert you of any potentially fraudulent activity. That way, you're constantly aware without having to log into online banking multiple times a day. SHAZAM BRELLA provides the following features:

  • If you make a purchase with your debit card for more than a dollar amount you set, SHAZAM BRELLA lets you know
  • If a charge to your account comes from a faraway place, such as another country, SHAZAM BRELLA notifies you right away
  • If anybody tries to buy something online or over the phone using your debit card, SHAZAM BRELLA notifies you right away
  • When SHAZAM BRELLA notifies you of any suspicious activity, you are to contact Westside State Bank right away so we can put a stop to the fraud and make sure you don't lose any of your hard-earned money.

View our User Guide for more information.


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