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Online Banking & Bill Pay

Online Banking & Bill Pay

You're online for everything these days — to book appointments, to buy a new outfit…the list goes on. So of course we're on top of making sure our customers' banking needs can be addressed just as easily.

Simply go online at any time that works for you to check your balance, transfer funds, pay bills, and much more! No need to make a mad dash to a branch to make business hours — Westside State Bank is all online, all the time.

Online Banking
  • Secure, time-saving, anytime-accessible service
  • Conduct a wide range of banking tasks, including:
  • Check account and loan balances
  • View check images and inquire by check number or amount
  • Access eStatements
  • Access interest information (current and previous year)
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Data can be exported to Excel
  • Receive e-Alerts – customized alerts, including balances, transactions, and activity
  • Customized alerts sent as a message to your email or mobile device

Online Bill Pay
  • More secure, easier, and cheaper than paper billing
  • Make one-time, recurring, or manual payments with ease:
  • Set up automatic payments in advance or make single payments
  • Set up payment reminders and notifications
  • Ensure payments are received on time
  • Have all payee information in one convenient place
  • Avoid paper clutter

It's time to make the free switch. Trade the paper clutter for easy electronic statements. Save yourself — and the environment — by signing up today.

  • Save paper and save the environment
  • Fast, free, and easy alternative to paper statements
  • Receive email notice when new eStatement is ready
  • Easier to retrieve info when needed; easily available online anytime through online banking
  • Eliminate a paper trail
  • Reduce chances of fraud and identity theft
  • Arrive faster than paper statements
  • Simplify recordkeeping and eliminate storage hassles
  • Easily access past statements
  • Ability to download for permanent storage or print if needed

Get Started

Sign up today by calling or stopping in and asking about our great service.

Browser Requirements

We require the use of a 128-bit secure browser to login to our Internet Banking website. Our Internet Banking website supports only the following browsers:

If you are currently not using one of these browsers, or feel your browser does not meet the security requirements of a 128-bit secure browser, use one of the links above to download and install an upgraded version.

Reset Login Information

If you don't remember your login information or your account is locked out, please contact Westside State Bank at (712) 663-4322 and ask that your login information be reset.